China launches world’s fastest internet, 150 HD movies will be sent in one second

China has launched the world’s fastest internet. Users will get speed up to 1.2Tbps on the new network. In simple language, users can transfer up to 150 HD quality movies in seconds. Where it was estimated across the world that internet of this speed would not arrive until 2025. However, China has achieved this speed only two years ago.

China has launched the world’s fastest internet, setting a new record. Speed of 1.2 terabyte will be available on this internet. That means you can use internet at the speed of 1200GB per second. In simple language, users can do many tasks in seconds.

At this speed, 150 HD movies can be transferred in one second. While people all over the world are working on expanding 5G and other services, China has gone ahead of the rest. China has done this work earlier than expected. There were speculations that we would not see ultra-fast internet connectivity before 2025.

Many organizations prepared together

China has completed this work two years earlier than expected. This speed is available on fiber broadband service. This internet speed has been jointly prepared by Tsinghua University, China Mobile, Huawei Technology and Cernet Corporation. SMCP has given this information.

Work on this project was going on for 10 years and it is part of China’s future internet technology infrastructure. This is the new version of China Education and Research Network (CERNET). This is China’s first nationwide education and research computer network. This internet service is available through optical fiber network spanning 3000 kilometers.

Where is service available?

Talking about data transmission, it covers three parts of China. This internet connectivity covers Beijing in the North, Wuhan in Central China and Guangzhou in the South. Data can be transferred between these three points at a speed of 1.2Tb per second. The fastest internet launched recently worked at a speed of 400GB per second.

Talking about the current speed, the speed of 100 Gbps is available on the Internet backbone network used worldwide. Talking about Huawei VP Wong Lee, 150 HD movies can be transferred on this internet service in just one second.

World Fastest Internet Speed

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