The best soundproof curtains of 2023

Using customer satisfaction reviews and the specifications available for each curtain’s design and materials, we found what we believe to be the best soundproof curtains. We considered whether the curtains reliably blocked sound as well as the other features that were typically associated with these curtain types, namely a thermal barrier and a light barrier.

We also took into consideration specialty elements, like how some curtains were available in room-sized panels that can be used to create convenient room-sized dividers, as well as the luxury and style of the fabric. Lastly, we included a highly affordable option that gets the job done without extra frills. 

Curtains and drapes are chosen with both aesthetic and practical elements in mind, so we paid attention to whether the end users enjoyed the effect that the soundproofing features produced, as well as whether they thought the curtains looked good in the rooms where they were used. Ultimately, our top picks succeeded to differing degrees on these two fronts. 

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