Bought iPhone 15 Pro Max from Apple, when I opened the box, I was shocked, what is the whole matter?

Fake iPhone Delivery: Many people are very excited while buying a new phone, but what if your phone turns out to be fake? This is happening with many people these days. Recently, a person had bought a TV worth Rs 1 lakh in a sale, which was replaced by a TV of another brand. Another such case came to light, where the user had ordered iPhone 15 Pro Max, but he got something else.

The issue of fake products being delivered from e-commerce platforms is not new, but such cases are rarely seen from official websites. Recently, Apple accidentally delivered 60 iPhone 15 Pro Max to a customer instead of four iPhones. This was a big mistake by Apple, but it did not harm the customer.

However, in another case the customer was not so lucky. The case is from UK, where the user had ordered iPhone 15 Pro Max, but he received an Android phone. That too, not just any Android phone, but a phone that looks like iPhone 15 Pro Max was delivered. Let us know the whole matter.

Fake iPhone as real

The customer says that he had ordered the iPhone 15 Pro Max from the official website of Apple UK. The delivery tracking was also completely legitimate, but the customer became suspicious upon receiving the package. When he opened the box, he started seeing unusual things one after another.

Due to all this, the customer started doubting the iPhone 15 Pro Max delivered. The phone came with a screen protector. Apart from this, the lights of the phone were also coming on differently, not like the iPhone. The setup process was also very weak and after the phone was boosted it was found that the device was fake.

What do customers say?

The user has given this information on Reddit. He told, ‘I skipped all the setup and went straight to the phone. Facebook, YouTube and TikTok were already installed in it. Many flaws were also visible in the operating system. The UI of the phone was crashing again and again.

Overall, the customer came to know in time that this iPhone was fake. However, it was made exactly like the original. Features including Apple Apps and Apple ID login were provided in the device.

The customer has complained about this to Apple. It is expected that the company will resell it, but the question is where did the fake product come from. Many users say that it has been replaced during delivery.

Bought iPhone 15 Pro Max from Apple

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